Right now, I am looking at a handsome journal that I picked up at our local bookstore, “Spelbinders” in Bishop, Ca.,,
hoping to spark some interest here in my site on WordPress by offering this and other writing-oriented goodies to the ‘winner’ of this, first, “Round Table Competition”.

Those interested in guest-posting/submitting on the subject

“The Power of Social Media: is it as Big as Real Life…or Bigger?”

are urged to get in touch with me at and give me their point of view on this subject-an argument, I should say-and offer readers the opportunity to continue on with the conversation if desired.

Each submission should have between 350 and 500 words, be to the point, and certainly bring out your extreme best as a writer!
This first attempt at a round table competition-if such a thing exists(!)-will begin June 1, 20

12 and end June 30th. Please have all entries submitted by the 20th.

Do feel free to submit anything on this page; any commentary, writings, poetry, daydreams, arguments, anything at all, but no extreme profanity, please.
I look forward to your contributions!


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