Laurel, Here…Again, in Journal Form

~Sunday, August 9, ’09~
Last night was one to remember. Anthony and I enjoyed the same old evening that we enjoy most every day, Anthony at the TV and me on the computer…then we decided to go look at the moon together. This is becoming a mini-tradition in our home.
When the moon is up, we are attentive and respectful. Our lives together have been so very chaotic for so many years that it is a welcome time when we can reflect. No drama today. No need for it any longer. So we spend time recalling and analyzing choices and relationships, times of grief and of joy. I really have nothing to share particularly this Sunday morning, but I do want to remember the moon last night. Warm somehow, and welcoming. A starry quilt folded against the night sky served as the proper background.
A soothing time was ours last night, together, under the moon.


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