Comfort Blogging!

I can’t find my friend’s blog and I’m mad about that. I can’t seem to find her. This frustrates the bejeezes out of me, for I had something for her, to tell her, but now that I am tired of looking for her, I hope she can find me!
Her blog is called,”Comfort Eater, Comfort Writer” which I think is a fantastic title for a blog. It got my interest but I am the only person I can tell that is reading what she has to say.
So I am going out on a limb here and give her some applause, some verbal applause.
Comfort Writer is a good writer, I have read many of her posts and have her as a friend somewhere on the internet, but can’t remember where.
Oh well, if anyone knows her or her blog, please let her know I’m looking for her.
Later, and remember her blogname,

“Comfort Writer”!




  1. The lost has been found! 🙂 Although I knew where I was all along! Thank you for your kind words – it’s nice to know someone is reading. Hope your having a great weekend.

    • July 12, 2009
      Dear You,
      ComfortWriter is one of my favorite blogs, for you express many of your struggles quite clearly, even though my
      issues are not yours exactly, I identify with the agonies and pain of what you have trouble with…
      Are you a teacher? I would like to know your name, but only if you give it out.
      I will still read your inspired words no matter what.
      Thanks for writing, and I will be recommending your site to others over there on Facebook.
      Are you a member of Facebook?
      Would you consider joining?
      It’s a fabulous way to make Internet connections and ‘friends’ who actually share telephone numbers…I have spoken to 2 already and I have
      been on the networking site (Facebook) for only 6 months.
      Anyway, when and if you reply to this comment, do so at please. I read my mail only if I recognize names and such.
      I look forward to hearing from you!
      Please do!
      Laurel Rogers

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