Posted by: Laurel | February 23, 2016

Star Maker – Olaf Stapledon

Fabulous author who combined philosophy and science fiction.

Dooley Noted

Star MakerIt all begins with a man staring up at the stars.

Without intention, the narrator of Olaf Stapledon’s book, Star Maker, finds himself whisked away on a disembodied journey through the cosmos, moving with impunity through time and space to witness the history of the universe. He discovers arrays of other planetary life forms, and watches as they either move to higher levels of unity and consciousness, or reach untimely demise through self-destruction. As the successful races grow, they again face new challenges as they are challenged to create new unities with other awakened races, violent galaxies, and eventually the stars themselves. With a certain level of self deprecation regarding his ability to translate his experiences into words, our narrator (along with his companion, Bvalltu, and other mental beings) details the painful evolution of the universe while attempting to understand the purpose of existence in a universe that seems…

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