Posted by: Laurel | January 29, 2016

Questions for folks who #feelthebern

Answers, anyone?

The Latter Procedure

An open letter, and invitation, to Bernie Sanders supporters. (Don’t make assumptions!)

BernersFuckthisshitWeb My concern is that by “this shit” you mean “living in a multi-party, constitutional Republic.” Am I wrong?

Dear Berners,

I don’t want to make assumptions about you and I don’t want you to make assumptions about me, so let’s get a few things clear right at the beginning: I admire Bernie Sanders’ lifetime commitment to progressive causes – which is to say the betterment of human life – and his remarkable record of public service; I like Bernie Sanders more than I like most career politicians (a lot more); I have no problem with the word “socialist” when it comes before, after, or without the word “democrat;” I am glad Senator Sanders entered the 2016 Democratic nominating contest; I believe Sanders has had an impact on other candidates in the race and I think that impact has been positive; I…

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