Posted by: Laurel | January 4, 2015

Unbroken whole

What an amazing photo!

split screen, split keys via Tumblr

I finally got a new keyboard. I’ve tried out a couple, and they inevitably went back to the store. All I really wanted was a pitch wheel. I got tired of manually drawing in curves for pitch bends. And it’s fun to pitch bend in real time… when you’re playing.

My old keyboard has some advantages missing in the new one. So I thought… well, if they’re each connected via MIDI, why not try using both at the same time! What a gas. It worked. And the pitch wheel on the new keyboard also bends notes on the old one. The sustain pedal works on both too. I still don’t have a mod wheel, but can get that with the mouse.

So basically I’ve got 88-plus keys, more range than a real piano, which adds up to feeling like I’m sitting in some kinda…

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