Posted by: Laurel | November 15, 2014

The curse of over thinking

When you try to drift off to sleep, does your mind forbid your desperately needed rest? Twilight sleep seems the most active at this lovely time, yet your inner voice will not shut up. It’s a relentless nemesis, guaranteed to babble on seemingly without a conscience of its own.  Your brain is on fire, and fire in bed is a bad, bad thing, yes? Bad for your pillows indeed.


On to your waking life…perhaps you are a writer, blogger, or an actual published author.  I wonder if these times are actually a goldmine for you.  Some folks have claimed that their best inspiration has come when reading stall posts, so who am I to judge?


I for one, am a writer, and this curse hounds me day and night.  I am a horrid listener, for I am always thinking what I am going to say when the talker is finished. Character defect, absolutely-something I must work on.  Time will tell.  I interrupt at will when people are speaking their minds, since I’m sure I know what they are trying to say.  I over analyze every thing on earth and thus become quite exhausted.


Where I got this tendency, I haven’t the faintest idea.  Perhaps I was trained by crazy relatives, or by watching others trying to exist in this insane world.


Not sure, but I think I am going to try to grab some dreams right now; wish me luck!


I'm losing my fucking mindOverthinking


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