Posted by: Laurel | October 18, 2012

Freelance Science Writing

Author Introduction

Jessica Reynolds loves all aspects of science, especially astronomy and black holes. She discovered this fascination while taking a high school Physics course. She makes a living by writing, currently for scientific poster printer, a division of MegaPrint.

I was appalled when I began searching for “seizure basics” on the Internet. The number one search result: the CDC. What so wrong with that? Seizures are not a disease!

Now I understand the technical definition of disease (something that causes “dis ease,” or that varies from the normal organized structure in a living organism), but the technical definition is not how most people understand it. People relate “disease” with “sick” and thus with “stay away ‘cause I don’t wanna catch what you have.”

So I thought that if I could educate a few of you about the science behind a seizure, I would be…

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