Posted by: Laurel | September 3, 2012

Insomnia: Get Over it!

I’m there…

Grand title, no?  Yet I find there is no getting over it, if it is truly insomnia.  I’m going on my 6th straight night now-overthinking every woe on this earth, tossing and turning, peeing endlessly, pissing off my hubby, then finally-defeated at last-rising from my torture chamber, our bed.

So here I am at 4:45 am after trying to sleep last night at 2:00 am.  It went well at first, since I was absolutely, ridiculously exhausted after such a sleep-deprived (almost) week.

Okay, so the lovely morning Java-whatever that means on a certain day-probably is counter-productive, I get that.  Trying to fix all the ills of society isn’t within my power, though I’m certain it is. The household is endless chaos with 4 large canines, 4 nutzo cats, and a loud, egg-laying hen who I insist lives outside: she’s messy, you understand.  On to family.  Oh, the horror!  Need I say more?  Everyone’s got one of those, so we all need to…get over it!

Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow, if my streak-clearly and boo hoo-continues…;)



  1. Oh dear …I knew there was a reason I felt as though I knew you. I’ve had chronic insomnia (and DSPS) for my entire adult life, the insomnia being consequent to events in my infancy.

    One helpful product is Bach Flowers Rescue Sleep (available at health food stores or on the internet). You spray it into your mouth. It does contain alcohol so not everyone will want to use it.
    Other alternatives (both available without Rx) are 1/2 a Unisom or 25 to 50 mg. of Benadryl.

    You could also try the alternate nose breathing technique; it’s about the third or fourth entry from the top on my blog (which I’ll connect).
    Sweet dreams, my friend !
    ~ Chris

    • THANK YOU, Chris!!!!!

    • Hi Chris-first of all, forgive me for this late reply-life, you know! I think I’l try the Rescue Sleep product first-thanks so much for the suggestion!
      Sweet Dreams right back at ya!!!

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