Posted by: Laurel | May 17, 2012

Identity Theft, Internet Scammers, and Idiocy

A set of online ads featuring fake news scams

A set of online ads featuring fake news scams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am here to let others know of my idiocy when it comes to Internet scammers.  I was recently phoned out of the proverbial blue by an organization called “The World Wide Who’s Who”, and almost fell head long into their criminal trap.  Please know that I am a reasonably intelligent woman who prides herself in knowing the true intentions of others.

I was wrong.  Dead wrong.Image

Rather than suspecting this phone conversation was a con, I fell for it ‘hook line, and sinker’, feeling that ‘Rhonda’ was sincere and with a reputable organization.

She was not.

“The World Wide Who’s Who Registry” will phone you with complimentary words and glowing ego-boosting talk.  They will telephone you out of nowhere and ask if you would participate in a telephone interview.  If they feel you are ‘qualified’, they will announce this to you and suggest you pay them $100- in order to be placed in their registry book and to receive various glass sundries and wall-hangings.

Do not be as idiotic as I was.

Who in their right mind would pay for recognition?  One earns this on their own. Purchasing recognition is an absurd concept and one I did not catch until it was far too late.

I have managed to retrieve my bank account and credit card information, but now I must change everything, and I do mean everything in my life.

I have written to the Attorney General, phoned the local sheriff, and done other things to protect myself, but I am now ‘dead-bolting’ my doors at night which I have never done before in my tiny community of Bishop, California.  This piece of information is now theirs, so I am able to give it here on Freelance Science Writing without a care.

They have managed to infect my hard drive to the critical level.  I plan to purchase a new system, but am without funds due to their criminal activity.  I have a 19 month old grandson who is in danger of going hungry due to their activities.  I will, however, find a way to keep him healthy, fed and clothed.

Thank you for your time and attention, and don’t be as gullible as I.


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