Posted by: Laurel | May 15, 2012

On the Kindness of Lovers, Family, Friends, and Strangers-Pt. 1

Van Gogh’s Muse-Amazing

                                                    I was thinking today of my lover, my family, some of my personal friends, and a slew of lovely Internet friends.

                                              And how much I have to be thankful for.

My lover is my husband, Anthony, who is also my extraordinarily understanding friend.  He has endured much living with me; in our (almost) 25 year old marriage, he has been by my side through numerous health crises, emotional breakdowns, and more. Anthony may be quite human, but he is a veritable angel to me.  He spoon-fed me during one particular hospital stay; I had renal failure due to my alcoholism*, was hallucinating and could no longer speak.  I was in a Carson City, Nevada healthcare facility and Anthony came to be by my side 3 times a day, losing 5 days of his income.

When I had my right hip replaced on March 14th of this year, Anthony and my son, Aaron, drove to Reno, Nevada to pick me up after the doctors had concluded that the Nevada ‘visit’ had been unnecessary. As I mentioned, I went in for my Total Hip Replacement in March, and when I was in surgery the attending anesthesiologist thought I had somehow survived a heart attack.

“On the table”, as it were.

Since my  surgery took place in Mammoth Lakes, California, and  the Mammoth Hospital had no cardiac physicians available and no cardiac care capabilities at the time, I was flown to a hospital in Reno called “Renown” where I was to remain on the cardiac unit for 5 days.

*I have been clean and sober since Christmas Eve, 2011



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  2. Thank God for men like Anthony. May you stay clean and sober till the end of time 😉

    • After what I went through in Carson City, NV, I’ll never again touch a drop of the stuff, Martie!
      Thanks for coming by,

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