Posted by: Laurel | May 14, 2012

Yosemite National Park: Heaven on Earth: Sometimes…

I am going to Yosemite tomorrow.  The National Park is only a 2 hour drive from my home here in Bishop, California; so I, my husband, Anthony, and my 19 month old grandson, Quinn, are all driving there for Mother’s Day.

I am absolutely thrilled.

Neither Anthony nor Quinn have ever seen the grandeur that resides everywhere in the Park; they are in for quite an experience. The first time I was in Yosemite was when I was 4 years old, and I remember only one event; my family and I were amazed to see a mother bear and her 3 cubs walking directly in front of us. To this day, I am astounded that they did not see us-we were a party of 5! Many, many people hope a bear will not cross their path, and thankfully, she did not see us.

My most recent visit to Yosemite was in May of 2009 when I attended a family reunion. As an adult, then, I saw the park with older, yet refreshed eyes.

And what I saw was God.

The magnificence of Yosemite is something to behold, I consider it my church, my cathedral.

I wrote the above last night, and, unfortunately we did not reach such magnificence. We almost did-within probably 10 miles-but we were almost out of gas, and had little money. We turned back and arrived home with 7 dollars to our names. Thankfully my husband insisted we turn back, though I certainly didn’t want to, since a gasoline station was almost 70 miles away.

We made it by the proverbial skin of our teeth.

As we traveled along the Tioga Pass, we saw some wildlife; a squirrel crossing the highway, and 2 chipmunks who, unfortunately, met their maker under my tires. But I could not avoid them and I wanted above all else to protect Quinn, Anthony, and myself. I’m an animal aficionado, and actually began tearing up, but had to avoid an outburst of emotion because I would not have been able to see!

All in all, as a Mother’s Day gift, I actually had a grand time, though I am not sure how Anthony feels, though I have a sneaking suspicion he does want to get to the Valley. I know that he’s happy that I am pleased with this day, so we plan to return there next year. This time we will leave from Bishop and arrive in Yosemite from the West, a much more familiar road to me; then we will all see God in His glory.

In the meantime, we both plan to open a savings account, donate $50 in combined money to the account once a week. By next May, we hope to be able to afford gas, lodging and maybe even some souvenirs. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I am already planning for 2013, and will see how much cash we can save. Certainly more than we could need!

Here’s to next year!


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