Posted by: Laurel | May 10, 2012

A Red Letter Day for Writers Who are Also Hip Replacement Survivors!

I won’t soon forget May 10, 2012, for I’ve achieved a rare  honor at:                  My Red Letter Day, Double 100’s!

                                                 Here’s a link to the article

I’ve been writing at for nearly 3 years, and just today I received my first ‘Double 100’s’, meaning that my Author score is at 100-the best HubPages’ algorithm will award a ‘Hubber’, and a ‘Hub’ score of 100, both on the same day!

~Every score on the site ranges from 1 to 100.~

May I admit that I am thrilled?

My spirits are soaring with pride, and pride isn’t really one of my personal deadly sins, not by a long shot.  I’m usually fairly shy and quite the opposite of boastful, but today, I’m allowing myself just a wee bit of self-congratulation.

Hooray!  Go Laurel!

Not so ‘wee’ after all, is it?

It is such a great feeling to be recognized as a ‘good writer’, even-or most importantly-by an algorithm.  It may simply be a mathematical formula, but what could be more unbiased than that?

So it means a lot to me.

More importantly, though, the opinion of my peers matters the most.

The Hub that has the 100 score today was written just before I had my first total hip replacement surgery in July of 2009.  I had The Writing Site I Lovejoined HubPages in June of that year, one month earlier.  My first surgery went quite well, and though the recovery was a bit bizarre-I had to self-inject a medication called Lovenox into my belly daily for 3 weeks-I was back walking without assistance in around 6 weeks.

I was relatively young for such a procedure, 52, but degenerative arthritis runs rampant in my family; most of the males and some of the females have been victims of this condition for generations.  The  cartilage between the ‘ball and socket’ of my hip was worn away completely, resulting in a condition known as ‘bone on bone scraping’-and this, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, is very painful.

I decided to have the surgery.

Now able to walk handily on my left leg, I felt my right hip beginning to bear too much weight.  Over the few years since the first procedure, I knew I needed the right hip ‘done’.  Now.

I probably don’t have to say that I was hesitant, knowing then that it would entail quite a physical-and emotional-ordeal for me and my entire family, but after  months of sitting with 3 pillows stacked on my couch and cradling my dear heating pad over my right hip 24/7, I made the fateful call to my surgeon.

We scheduled the appointment, met several times, then I finally had the operation on March 14, 2012.

If you are interested and have the time, please read my 3 part series on HubPages about the surgery and its aftermath:                                       

This was the most horrendous yet hysterical-in retrospect-experience I’ve ever had!

Well, thanks for reading today-I’ll see you all tomorrow.





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    This is a story of my day, May 14th, 2012, when I received 2 ‘100’ scores on These scores reflect the HubPages algorithm’s ‘approval’ of my writing. I was fortunate enough to be awarded one ‘100’ for my skills as a writer, and the other, for the Hub I wrote. I’ve had a marvelous day!

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