Posted by: Laurel | May 9, 2012

The Writer(s) Within…

She’s lovely yet often difficult.

“Tra la la”, I once softly sang while surfing the web…

I was cruising around Facebook around 3 years ago, clicking on everything that looked in the least interesting, or fun (apps and the like), and happened to see an ad for a site called  Since I was so very new to computers at the time-I’d bought my first one only 6 months before-I went ahead and clicked on it just to see what the site entailed.  I didn’t know much about scams at that time, so didn’t even consider such a thing existed.

Thank God,  HubPages is no scam and the birthplace of  my writer who lives within.

That writer deep inside me I also call my Muse, my Subconscious mind.  That is where my inner writer breathes, suggests, weeps at my misadventures, giggles, and sometimes, maddeningly, sleeps. I’ve yet to decide if my inner writer is male or female, human or otherwise, so I will call it ‘she’,  in the interest of clarity.

She shows herself to me infrequently; she must be quite busy down in my basement-where, of course, she lives.  I am always aware of her presence; she rummages around down there almost constantly, sneaking peeks at my boxed stuff, old photographs and reel-to-reel tapes of my parents from the early 60’s, and other prized, yet stored, possessions.  As you can imagine, she’s quite nosy, yet is always willing to be sympathetic to my sorrows, my foul predicaments, as well as the times I flourish and am blissful.

She is willing to share her discoveries with me when she’s in the mood, and when she does, I write.


But she’s a bit shy and doesn’t communicate with me often.  I try to call on her almost daily, but she is very stubborn, so her willingness to tell me what she’s found is an infrequent yet heartening occurrence.

I actually don’t hold this against her, for there is much for her to digest-my life has been full of bizarre and sometimes unfortunate turns.  She has much to mull over.

And so do I.

When we do manage to connect with one another, it is a magical feeling, somewhat akin to an otherworldly orgasm, so once we began writing on HubPages, we knew we’d found a true home, and now, here on, we’ve discovered another dwelling place.  Our newest venture is “”,  a blog on WordPress for writers, readers and all who enjoy such things; where folks can share their thoughts, write, read, or anything else they wish to do.

My Muse is quite active these days, and I feel blessed with her enthusiasm.  Without her I would be stale, unimaginative-without a soul.  As my Subconscious mind, it’s become a regular visitor in my dreams.  What passion it has!  What a furor it stirs at times!  Frightening images it often conveys, but they are necessary to my growth and mental health.

Well, we must stop now and continue tomorrow, after all it is 3 a.m. and we all need our sleep!



  1. Thank you Laurel. And thanks for the tip on HubPages.

    • Hi Starbucks Refugee (which I am, too, by the way!),
      I appreciate the comment and your kind words here.
      I have had a wonderful start at HubPages, still enjoy the site, but am ready to move on, or in different directions these days. Thus, this blog. I also write for and am planning to join tonight if I can manage to stay awake!
      Gotta go,
      Thanks again for visiting,

  2. Congratulations on your enthusiastic muse, and on your new endeavor–a great idea. And thanks for following my blog.

    • I am happy to follow your writings, Kathy, and thanks for your congratulations!

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