Posted by: Laurel | November 17, 2009

Brand New Life?

Last Friday my kid Aaron graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento, a huge accomplishment.  Anthony and I both attended as the proud parents…Loved it.  Sunday, we moved Aaron and his girlfriend, Christine, one dog, 2 cats, 5 newborn kittens, a snake and a hamster back here to Bishop.  This is a touchy affair, to say the least…Now I adore my boy, and Christine is a doll, but now we are 4 adults and far too many animals in one place!!

At least that’s my take on it today.  Aaron is now a certified Smog Technician, so hopefully he’ll find work here, although I worry because Bishop is so small.  But he graduated at the top of his class, if that means anything.

Anyhoo, I just thought I’d check in today.

This sounds so damnably negative.  That’s not what I mean to imply, but a blog is a blog is a blog.  I think my biggest concern is that Anthony and I have become very used to being ‘just us’ for a year and a half, and this is huge.  I have to set some boundaries so that I don’t feel used.

I hope my worries written here are simply adjustment pains!



  1. Hey girl im here too havn’t done a damn thing lol
    how are you feeling btw?
    are you still addicted to farming?
    miss you

  2. Hey, Carmen-
    I’m not on the computer much any more either, just too many other things going on.
    But I was terribly pleased to see your name, hopefully I’ll post more…we shall see!

  3. Congratulations to your son. Wish I had read this sooner – I am in Sacramento. Haven’t been on the computer for much of anything beyond work and I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook. Decided to quit getting on there and only check in here each night. Glad to see you posting.


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