Posted by: Laurel | November 5, 2009

Here I am Again…

Well, well, it’s been awhile.  I pretty much gave up on WordPress when my browser wouldn’t support it, but Firefox allows me access.  I’ve also been trying to write on HubPages.  Unfortunately, once you commit to a title, that’s it.  Well, actually, you have 24 hours to delete the thing, but sometimes my titles come as I am writing a piece, not before.

I’ve met some extremely supportive people over there and hope to continue, though the focus seems to be on article-writing, and I tend to write in a journalistic fashion.  Here I feel much more relaxed writing, for each of your ‘Hubs’ are scored, as are you.  The developers of the site claim that there is some sort of algorithmic formula that determines these scores, and they fluctuate daily.  It can be disconcerting, and I was told straightforwardly by my therapist to cease and desist my membership on HubPages because of my problematic self-esteem.  She may be right, but I’m not one to follow directions.  My ‘Hubber Score’ varies between 90 and 97-out of 100-so I am fairly pleased with that!

My son, Aaron, graduates from UTI next week.  He is a young man I can hardly believe that I raised.  He is serious, determined, goal-oriented-all in all, one hell of a guy.  While his parents went galavanting through drugs and alcohol, Aaron managed to become a fabulous young man.  I am so incredibly proud, I can barely contain myself.  Anthony and I will drive up to Sacramento for the graduation ceremony-with Aaron at the top of his class.  Wow.

Thing is, though, Aaron wants to return to Bishop to live, so he and his girlfriend, Christine, are moving in with us until they find a place of their own.  Anthony and I have been living without Aaron for over a year now and we have settled in to quite a routine.  I am happy to have them-as well as their1 dog, 2 cats, and 5 kittens-but am apprehensive how this will all work out.

Well, I have to go now, I’ll try to get back here sooner…



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