Posted by: Laurel | September 28, 2009

Eastern Sierra Days

When living in such a rural place as Bishop, there are some things you have to put up with.  Yes, it is a glorious place, but human beings seem determined to mess with it’s resources.  Although I don’t know the entire story, I do know that this area used to be full of lakes, trees and lush greenery.  That was before Los Angeles-Mr. Mulholland and his co-horts, actually-began draining the water from the Owens Valley.  After 70 years or so, we live in the thirsty aridity that they left behind.  It is a desert throughout most of Inyo county which Hollywood has seen as perfect for filming old dusty Westerns.  Hooray for Hollywood!  Bitter?  Who me?

My family and I chose Bishop in order to raise our son in relative safety.  Which we did, and quite handily, I might add.  The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power left untouched many creeks and streams, and not too far away, rivers and mountains where we took him as a boy.  But they did drain the Owens Lake, south of Bishop, which they are graciously ‘re-working’ these days after residents and neighbors elsewhere in the Valley complained of the monstrous eyesore and pollution due to the constantly moving dust.  Small towns dot Highway 395 all the way up California:  Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine, Bishop, and so on northward through Oregon.  But in my vicinity, picture if you will a vast desert with greenery only every 50 miles or so.  It’s a grim, hot drive.

All in all, though, I love living here for this town’s proximity to so many lovely sights and adventures.  We have lived here 15 years and have no plans of scurrying off any time soon.  My hope is that I will move north one day, perhaps after 10 or so years, when I grow tired of the coyote’s songs.



  1. Thanks, Rock Tops! I don’t write on WordPress much anymore, but I do check in from time to time. I write on a site called, it’s a fabulous community of writers.
    I highly recommend it!
    Take care.

  2. Cool blog!

    Rock Tops Granite

  3. Oh- hello there again! So glad to see that you are writing more. 🙂 That’s wonderful! Thanks for your vivid images.

    • So good to hear from you! Thanks for the compliment, I need to get working much more, though.
      How are you these days?

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