Posted by: Laurel | July 15, 2009

The Kitten and the Girl

So here was the problem that Louisa had.
She won’t even care.
So let’s start where she is in the kitchen holding the little thing and she wants to take it home. Louisa had to have this kitten. Specifically. End of story.
She needed this creature to call her own. But first she had to distract the woman and take off with the kitten, and she wasn’t sure how to do that.
“So, dear, where is it that you live?’ the woman asked.
“You do live with your mother, is that right?” “Anyone else?” she asked, then added, horrified, “Terribly sorry, child, I didn’t mean to pry…”
Lou nodded and added,
“That’s cool, ma’m, don’t worry, we got a room at the old Macavoy place”.
“For about 6 months now, it’s been all good…”
Lou turned away from the woman and stashed the little thing down deep in her jacket pocket.
It didn’t make a sound. She had fooled the woman, she was stealing a live animal!
Out from under her nose!
“Well thank you for the coffee, and it’s been nice talking with you!”
Mrs. Church watched, detached, as Lou went toward the door. They waved goodbye, Lou reaching the front gate walking quickly so as not to give Mrs. Church a chance…
“You can have the kitten, dear, but don’t suffocate it, all right”?
“Promise now…”
“I will, thanks,” stuttered Lou. Blushing, she kept walking.
Off she went, her animal tucked neatly away
and she left Mrs. Church where she stood, alone.


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