Posted by: Laurel | July 13, 2009

Sunday Morning

July 13, 2009
Lou has been on my mind…you remember, the character I discovered somewhere within me and wrote a couple of blogs about.
Louisa Marie [blank] That’s right, [blank].
I need to give her a new last name. I can’t even remember the one I gave her before and I really don’t care.
Obviously it was forgettable and she is not. Not to me, at least. I love this girl, so here’s a good time and place to get to know her a bit better.
Louisa Marie is just about 13 years old, almost 14. She feels her age and acts it as well. She is going to be a young woman soon. Her astrological sign will reflect her personality.
Louisa is a girl without guile. She does not use her budding womanly attributes to gain attention. Sexual attention has yet to interest her in the least. She does, however, feel the presence of men beginning to surround her small body.
Physically Lou is pretty yet not beautiful. Her face is an unfortunate blend of her model-beautiful mother and her fairly attractive father. When she was conceived, Lou fell short in the looks department. She looks like her father’s side of the family. With a touch of mama’s fine looks, that is.
Again, Lou is a pretty young thing. She is also a smart one. Yes she is quite smart, even brilliant to some. She thinks that she just might be a genius. Lou does.
Her intelligence comes into question, for no one can find a proper test everyone can agree on. So they decide to simply watch and see.
Here is the update on Lou, her name is Louisa Marie Shandling. Lou is a Virgo, her birthday, September 5, 1996. I call her Lou because her mother does.
Lou has decided to miss work today and try to save a kitten instead. This day is strange so far, but Lou is always stubborn and wants this creature to come home with her.
She has met the person who tied the kitten with a string to the front of her house, a Mrs. Greer, Frances Greer. This Mrs. Greer may also be an updated name, I am not sure and am growing sleepy writing all of this. I will be sure to continue with this character sketch later on. You have my word!
Laurel Rogers
Be back soon—————–> :o)



  1. Great character sketch! Hope you don’t mind if I play teacher/critic for a minute: when describing her looks maybe pick specific features that she obtained from her parents. Ex: strong chin of her father and Betty Davis eyes of her mother. Cheesy, I know but all I could come up with at the moment. 🙂 Keep writing…


    • You think?
      Dear ComfortWriter,
      I am thrilled that you like it ’cause a ‘character sketch’ is my homework assignment this week.
      I have a personal ‘writing coach’ who hails from Fort Lauderdale named Jason Vinson.
      He is terrific and actually assigned character sketching last Wednesday.
      Thanks again and hey, my friend, go to:

      and put your website there to be rated.
      You have a website, yes?
      I am so bad at remembering things, LIKE YOUR NAME!
      Sheesh, I am so sorry~
      With loads of like/near love for a blogging pal,

    • CG, huh?
      Hhmm, nothing. Nothing at all.
      CG has, though, quite liquidy eyes. Eyes you could swim in.
      I would.

      • My page is and I’ll send you a message from the other site you know me from.

        • Thank you, CW.
          Later then,

        • Are you on Facebook today?

          • Hey there. Was out and about all day. I’ll be on sometime later today (Sunday) or tonight.

            • I look forward to your commentary.

  2. Now it is Monday afternoon, and I feel fine…Yes I do.
    I even feel like dancing, but I probably won’t do that, don’t know yet.
    Read on, please…may I show you the way?—->
    Faces Ezine

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