Posted by: Laurel | July 7, 2009

Perry’s Eyes

I love his eyes.
What else can I say? What do you want me to say?
My friends think he is a fraud, full of untruths and sweet syrupy lies, but even if they are right, I don’t care.
Perry is a boy and I love his touch. It makes my skin sing some sweet songs that I have never heard.
I love that singing, and that music, his music, it coaxes my hairs to rise in harmony.
And he is the only one. I know, I know. Jackie was there, but that was then.
Jackie knew what to do like a dog knows its bone. That dog does know how to chew on his bone.
He is hungry and it is all over.
Jackie was like that you see.
Oh yeah, you do see, I know now that you do.
I’m not stupid, even though you think I am. Why do you think that way about me? I don’t know because you don’t know me! You never knew me even though you wanted Jackie to love me. He never did and that is ok with me because he was so stupid, I could cry. I hated that part. He was so crazy stupid!
But hey you need to know about Perry, Ma.
Yes, his name is Perry and I like his eyes.
Mama, Please. Stop. Ma.
OK, stop.,
crying. Now.
Better now. Blow your nose now it is just snot, Ma. Ok. That’s it I love him yes, Ma. I do, Ma. What?
You think that Ma? Where did you hear that Man? I mean Ma?
Who said it, that ?
What is going on and who? Who would?
I don’t understand that.
Nobody would even…They did?
I get that part. OK.
So. We have to talk. Ma. Her and me about that.
About Perry and his.
Eyes, Ma. Perry’s




  1. I do hope someone comes to look into Perry’s eyes…This is my favorite bit so far!
    Thanks for reading!

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