Posted by: Laurel | June 30, 2009

It’s NOT all about ME?

Seriously, now,isn’t everyone on earth biting their nails waiting to read this blog? Of course they are! :o)(o:
What a difficult lesson this is to learn:

I am not the center of the universe, my problems and concerns are not all that important. Shoving them in people’s faces is not an effective way of communicating concern.
Begging people to read and reply to my blog does not foster interest, nor does it encourage cooperation. It probably alienates!
I will try to stop now. I am currently on Facebook trying to get friends, writing friends to respond to my troubled life as described in my blog.
It is time to do it my way, but MY way here.
On FB, then, I am one member of a huge group. Of writers on the WDP, of friends on the fb site.
Try to remember that, Laurel, dear. Try!
That’s it!


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