Posted by: Laurel | June 14, 2009

Plato and his Eternal Forms

And no, I don’t mean Disney’s dog.  
Good Morning, All!  
I’m already on my way to bigger and better blogging, so do come along…What with my 4th cup of coffee under my pajama belt, I was thinking about what it means to be a writer. Then, how indeed is the word defined?
According to my Webster’s Collegiate, 1949 Copyright, a writer is defined as “one who writes”. A better example of a tautology I’ve never seen. But that’s another post.
“Write” is also a word with many references to ‘communication’, especially with others, regarding concepts, etc…Well, my take on it all is that the very idea of writing is fairly lofty. I would probably go so far as
to assert that Plato himself would or did (?) apply his Forms to the Concept of Writing.
It certainly fits.
It is an idea of writing that he would elevate, and the Writer
would then be elevated as a necessary if not required partner.

All in all, what I think about writing, personally, is that everyone
who writes is struggling to some degree with the Platonic Ideal.
If one writing defines himself as a practicing writer, then I feel
he has inwardly achieved his ideal.
I would tend to say that I am trying to become a writer.
I find writing itself to be quite extreme in terms of
being an ideal state.
Thus I don’t feel that it is an achievable state of being.
If Plato had it right, that is.

And if I remember my Philosophy Minor
correctly, it was earned in 1982, for God’s Sake!
But I loved the education I received and revel in the fact that
I received some of that very education in Birmingham, Alabama
not too long after the Civil Rights March in Selma, etc., with
both George and Lurlene Wallace at the helm…What a place
to be in the late 70’s/early 80’s.
So, do let me know if you have any thoughts on Plato, philosophy,
the South, Civil Rights, or Anything at all!

I am going to blog until I am blue in the face!



  1. Today I only feel like commenting/replying here on wordpress…so here, I replied.
    Happy Birthday, Laurel

  2. Since the very act of ‘defining’ constitutes the ‘becoming’ which never is completed…

  3. “Tautology” is a great word! I have a philosophy minor too…from a while back also. 🙂
    And, love your photos.

    • Thanks! So glad you wrote back….I really enjoy yours too, and your drawings.

    • Isn’t that THE BEST word ever? I’ve ALWAYS loved it, especially in Symbolic Logic….Did you take logic courses? I was thoroughly taken with my Professor, but I loved logic as well! :o)
      Talk with you soon, WS!

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