Posted by: Laurel | June 13, 2009

The Cows, a Mule and the Bull

Anthony and I just returned home after tending to the creatures on Troy’s land. Whenever he leaves town, Troy assumes that Anthony will feed his animals, now and then forgetting to let him know. His ranch animals have gone hungry for days before anyone noticed.
So today, we were alerted at 8am by a friend that Troy had once again gone North, so did we plan on going over there?
“Of course,” I agreed, and soon we were off.
It took 2 hours to tend to all their needs, from the unquenchable thirst of a newborn calf to the mule’s obsession with his ‘candy’. Actually, I should say, our obsession with the mule’s ‘candy’.
—->What to do when a blog is showing signs of suckiness…I’ll have to ask another blogger, perhaps Mikayla. But her blog shows no such signs!
Well I will have to find one that I don’t really like to begin with, then watch it as it ages. Successful or not, I can watch it age with the coldness necessary to judge its quality.



  1. OK, well, what, indeed, is a ‘page’?

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