Posted by: Laurel | June 13, 2009

Get On with it, My Dear!

OK, Here I Go.

Laurel Here.

This is my first Blog.   Ever,  intentionally…

I feel ridiculous.  Nervous.

Like a young girl trying to read for a part in the school play.

Everything, and I mean everything,  is getting in my way: I want to change the font.  The theme. The spacing.  I want to know  and do  it all right now.

And I am very angry that nothing that I want is happening.  Nothing.

After about 6 hours of  very painful and  frustrating attempts to get my way with the computer and its programs,  I thought,  “Laurel, you can keep this bullshit up, contact wordpress, go to bed,  or simply start writing”.  Just the way it is.  This way.

So here we are.  I have no idea why I make such a production over things like this.  Actually, I do know.  It is very, very important to me that this blog business is ‘done right’.  I think I have finally found the true love of my life.  Writing.  At a keyboard…that part is unique to the times in which we live, but the writing,  I HAVE known that for a while…

Well, Sweetie, it is 3:53am and you need to do something else.  Stop trying to blog.

It is actually not so bad, doing this, it IS lonesome, though.   Christ, this Costner line  fits:

“If you build it, they will come…”

Pitiful,  but it certainly rings true.


Get On with it, My Dear!



  1. P.S., Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for one if it was exactly THE ONE FOR ME!

  2. Keep writing and it will come to you. I don’t see a problem with your format. What I did is try all of the different themes. It was fun!

    • I did some of those things late last night, I like this one and I don’t see myself paying for one when these are free!

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