Posted by: Laurel | June 3, 2009

Hello world!

red_tracktorDo join me!



  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking. I understand that that is one of the most difficult addictions to rid oneself of. You are strong!

    • I think today, Monday, was my 23rd day-and also one of the harder ones…I kept thinking about smoking. I didn’t, but the mental attachment is hard to break!

  2. I’m glad I found you on wordpress. I am excited to read all your ambitious quotes and thoughts on life. It was so cool to work with you and you can always ask questions if you need to. Rock on!

  3. Hi Laurel!

    • Hi, Mikayla!
      Wow…OK, I guess I’ll go ahead and blog soon.
      Thanks for commenting on my existence! Really!
      Bye for now…

  4. Greetings from Bishop!
    Wow, I had no idea what a ‘blog’ even was until today…I believe I will study the implications of HAVING an enjoyable and readable one and THEN begin.
    It seems easy, but then so did quitting smoking!
    Be back soon, I hope…


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